Domain Registration

With iHost Networks, you are able to search for domain names, register new domains, transfer existing domains plus repoint any of your domain names.


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Starting at $19.95*/ Per Year

Register as .com, .net, .biz, .org, or .info


Domain Privacy Protection

453993 - account audience avatar target user usersDid you know that anytime you register a domain name your personal information - your name, email, phone number, address is all published online? We offer domain privacy.




Upon registering a domain name, ICANN requires your address, e-mail and phone number to be published in the public WHOIS database. This is viewable online, by anyone. By ordering Privacy Protector, we hide all of your personal information, keeping your information private.

Domain Transfer

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Transfer to us for only $19.95 (includes 1 year of domain registration)
You can transfer your domain name to us from another registrar. The main advantage is that we can be your single point of contact if an issue comes up with your hosting, email, e-Store or other services. When a domain is handled by another registrar, problems can take longer to fix due to multiple parties being involved. We can also setup your domain to auto-renew and add privacy protection to your account to block spammer access to your WHOIS information.

To get started on transferring your domain follow these steps:

  • Contact your current registrar, tell then tell them you are transferring your domain to another hosting provider and get an “auth code”.  Also confirm the domain is "unlocked" and that the administrative contact email is an email address where you can receive email.
  • Go to hosting sign up and select transfer domain in the bubble. iHost Hosting.
  • Select to transfer your domain name and enter the "auth code" during the checkout process.  

*iHost offers domains at a price per year of registration determined by the top-level domain (TLD), like ".com", ".org", or ".company".