Dedicated Servers

For high-powered performance and room to grow, Choose Dedicated for your website and all its needs.

All dedicated servers are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services or Amazon Web Services. We can provision Windows and Linux VMs, apps, and infrastructure using Microsoft-managed datacenters in 13 regions around the world. World-class security and industry leading performance.

$249.95 Per Month
Dual Core Processor
2 GB of RAM
250 GB of Storage
/29 IP block (5)
CentOS 64-bit
cPanel or Plesk Available
$349.95 Per Month
Quad Core Processor
6 GB of RAM
500 GB of Storage
/29 IP block (5)
CentOS 64-bit
cPanel or Plesk Available

Custom Plan

We can configure almost any system or network to meet your needs.
Our experienced team can help you migrate your servers from a local network to a highly secured cloud network.

All Dedicated plans include

All dedicated servers meet a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2.  By using Microsoft Azure, we also utilize country-specific standards including Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS.

454065 - lock network protection safe safety secure securitDESIGN AND OPERATIONAL SECURITY

Security begins with a trustworthy technology foundation. Your VMs infrastructure is based on systems designed for security from the ground up, to ensure that the core infrastructure remains resilient to attack.

453960 - network private save security vpnNETWORK SECURITY

Your VM’s networking infrastructure provides the ability to securely connect Virtual Machines (VMs) to one another, and be the bridge between your private cloud and the world. Your network services maximize flexibility, availability, resiliency, security, and integrity by design.

security_partnerSECURITY PARTNERS

The wisdom of the crowd.  We seek the collective opinions and products of the best and brightest individuals and companies, rather than that of any single expert.  The best network services, the best data storage solutions, and the best monitoring tools.


Users receive full SSH access to securely log onto your system and manage your server like never before, provided on all Linux servers, Windows servers will receive a full RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) access.

454038 - creative head idea intelligent magnifying searchIDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT

Providing a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution that enables a robust set of capabilities to manage users and groups is only the start. It helps secure access to on-premises and cloud applications, including online services like Office 365 and many SaaS applications.

threat-managementTHREAT MANAGEMENT

An obvious temptation for hack-happy types would be to try deny or re-allocate resources from your VM, that’s just not possible. The fabric controllers make sure that all of the VMs deployed into the fabric get the resources they paid for. It’s not possible for a malicious VM to consume unlimited resources, starve its neighbors, or be the subject of resource deprivation. Those protections also reduce the risk of an internal attack.

453969 - analysis bar chart chart diagram monitoringMONITORING, LOGGING, AND REPORTING

We watch your VM from inside, but also from outside.  Dedicated remote systems are in place to monitor key services and roles your VM provides, and its ability to provide them in a timely manner.

453995 - key keyword locked safe secure targetENCRYPTION AND KEY MANAGEMENT

Your VM’s Disk and data transport Encryption Management abilities enable necessary business needs in the cloud. VM’s are secured at rest using industry standard encryption technology to address organizational security and compliance requirements.


Removing the ability to access on-premises data from the physical location is only the start.  Access to the fabric and the ability to administer it is done from network operations centers off site.  You cannot walk up and put your finger onto a hard drive and say “that’s where my VM is”, because the geo-replication and scaling of your data and the fabric is done automatically and constantly. 

Contact support to add SSL to any hosting account.

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